Church History

Cooper Creek Baptist Church was organized in a little log school house in 1872 about 1/4 mile east of the present location. The reverends' John Curley, A.T. Thompson, W.E. Bib, and A.J. Harris were the pastors for the first fourteen years, but how long each served is unknown. A.J. Harris was the pastor in 1886 when the Denton County Baptist Association was organized, and he served until 1892, when he was succeded by J.J. Amos. He was followed by B.F. Sizemore in 1900, and H.C. McBrayer came in 1902. B.F. Sizemore returned in 1910. D.O. Harse 1911-1912. T.L. Barrow in 1912-1915. Scott W. Hickey and F.M. Skelton.

On November 25, 1916, a motion was made and seconded to build a church 32 feet by 42 feet. Bro. Tom Collins gave the land at the present site. The Reverend F.M. Skelton was the pastor. On November 24, 1917, the church building was paid for.

In 1961 a new sanctuary was built facing east instead of north. This is where several adult Sunday School classes now meet.

In 1975, a 2,000 square foot addition of preschool classrooms, fellowship hall and kitchen were built adjoining the south side of the building.

Construction on the Sanctuary building began November 1979. The first worship servics were conducted in the building on March 9, 1980.

Cooper Creek Baptist Church has retained its "country" atmosphere and close fellowship while growing from a rural to a suburban church.

Below is a list of the Pastors who have served at Cooper Creek:

J.C. Hyatt
A. Gunnels - 1918-1919
R.A. Fitzgerald
W.D. Wallace -1922
R.F. Skelton - 1923-1926
C.D. Ford - 1926-1929
W.H. Humphries - 1931
Clarence Gadberry - 1932
Dennis Bryant - 1932-1934
John McCaulley - 1934-1936
Jack Silcraig - 1936-1939
R.W. Merrill -1940

C.C. Moreland - 1943
J.B. Swindall - 1942-1945
W.E. Vaughn - 1946
Denver Amos - 1947-1949
Ralph Cain - 1949-1952
O.R. (Bud) Looper - 1952-1955
T.H. McSpadden - 1955-1965
Max Johnson - 1965-1970
Charles (Buddy) Owens - 1970-1980
Montia Selzer - 1970-1980
Pat Bush - 1981-1986
Bobby G. Bryan - 1990-1996
Bob Joyce - 1997-2002

Dr. Richard L. Montgomery - 2004-present

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